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MBA is an internationally accredited post-graduate degree for developing business and management skills amongst future business leaders and entrepreneurs. The full form of MBA is Master of Business Administration. A typical MBA degree covers a wide range of business fields like accounting, marketing & management. An MBA degree is not limited to a career in management so those interested in pursuing a career in the private, government & public sectors can also benefit from an MBA degree.

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Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA is one of the most popular and sought after bachelor degree programmes. The BBA course is the gateway to a plethora of job opportunities in numerous sectors such as Marketing, Education, Finance, Sales, and Government to name a few.

BBA is a three-year professional undergraduate course in Business Management. It is open to students from all the three streams: Science, Arts and Commerce. The BBA course offers knowledge and training in management and leadership skills to prepare them for managerial roles and entrepreneurship. The course will help the students learn various aspects of business administration and management through classroom lectures and practical projects like internships. The course will acquaint the students with various aspects of the business administration, market, marketing trends, etc.


Bachelor of Science (BSc) is an undergraduate degree course usually of three years duration. The full form of BSc is Bachelor of Science (Baccalaureus Scientiae in Latin). The course is considered as a foundation course for students who want to make their career in the field of science. It is offered in a variety of science subjects. Some of the popular BSc courses that students usually choose to pursue are BSc Physics, BSc Computer Science, BSc Chemistry, BSc Biology, BSc Mathematics, and so on.

A BSc course is most apt for students who have a strong interest and background in Science and Mathematics. The course is also beneficial for students who wish to pursue multi and inter-disciplinary science careers in future. After the completion of a BSc degree, candidates can opt to pursue a Master of Science (MSc) or even secure admission in a professional job-oriented course.

Distance education
Distance education


Bachelor of Arts or BA is an undergraduate program. Full form of BA is Bachelor of Arts and it comes under the discipline of humanities/arts. There are various BA specializations available namely Philosophy, Literature, Anthropology, Psychology, Theology, Journalism, French, Sanskrit etc and many more.

BA course helps in enriching one’s outlook towards society and building it by the oldest forms of arts. Many different specializations available under BA subjects makes the course unique and diverse than other main courses. BA job scope is very wide and evergreen.

One with good creativity and wanting to explore the different forms of arts can take up the BA course. There are various job opportunities provided in various sectors for Bachelor of Arts graduates and BA subjects such as Advertising, Law, Public Planning, Graphics and Printing Industry, Journalism are highly career oriented.


Master of Computer Applications (MCA) is a two-year professional post-graduate programme for candidates wanting to delve deeper into the world of computer application development with the help of learning modern programming language. The programme is a blend of both theoretical and practical knowledge. An MCA degree endows students’ an opportunity to work with tools meant to develop better and faster applications.

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MHA stands for Master of Hospital Administration. It is a Master’s Degree program. Technically, it is a postgraduate level course. As the name suggests, this academic program deals with hospital administration. This makes it a management education program. Like MBA, BBA and PGDM programs, MHA too is a management course. But this course focuses on hospital administration.

Hospital administration is a discipline that deals with managerial tasks and operations associated with healthcare institutes (such as hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centres etc). The main aim of this discipline is to apply principles of management in healthcare setups. This helps improve quality, productivity, safety and sustainability of healthcare institutes.